Engineering Happiness

Dedicated to the advanced study of making sure everyone is having an amazing time.


Head of Marketing

We’re looking for someone who would help us shape the way we engineer happiness – converting customers to raging fans and improving the way we turn strangers into friends. If you think you have what it takes, then jump right in.



Get paid to make friends!
Located in the #1 Best Beach in Asia aka Boracay Island
Join us as we focus on turning strangers into friends.
 • Ideally someone that used to be challenged by being shy;
 • Embodies a strong personality and alpha presence;
• Possesess genuine ability to connect and interact with different types of people;
• Bubbly and witty while still embodying a strong sense of command;
• Must be hyperactive and productive at the same time;
• Thrives in a fast-paced environment;
• Has a strong sense of urgency;
• Team player team player who gets things done;
• Committed to the company’s mission of turning strangers into friends

Brand Ambassador

Join us to turn all strangers into friends!
Sales & Brand Ambassadors can earn more than 30K per month if they are really superstars. Please only apply if you are awesome with people and can sell ice to an eskimo!
If you rock, an amazing team and work environment awaits you!
 • High School Diploma or equivalent;
• At least 1 year of sales experience
• Strong will to succeed and not scared of rejection;
• Must possess an infectious positive personality;
• Possesess genuine ability to connect and interact
    with different types of people;
• Committed to the company’s mission of
    turning strangers into friends

Cook and Purchaser

We are looking for an amazing learning hungry cook and reliable honest purchasers with good haggling and research skills. All in one person! 😃
You’ll be able to do you best in making dishes that are not only tasty but also healthy and brain friendly!

We're always making room for more fun.